Home Tour on Design Mom

I follow Design Mom named Website of the Year by Time Magazine and Top Parenting Blog by the Wall Street Journal and Better Homes & Gardens.  When I fell upon Gabrielle’s Living With Kids series I was instantly inspired and touched.  The variety of images from a farm home in Colorado, to a spacious home in Oregon, to a modern home in Australia is what makes the series so inspiring.  Something resonates with me in every home tour as the moms’ open up their lives and homes to share.18 Spicy Salty Sweet16050341 Spicy Salty Sweet160503

I was lucky enough to be featured in the Living with Kids Home Tour.  In my tour you will see our kitchen remodel, little girls’ rooms, our family room and living room.  We have lived in the home for a year now and are settling in and enjoying the space after the busy renovations and remodeling.  Yes, there is always a list of things we could do and hopefully will but it feels nice to take a break.  20 Spicy Salty Sweet160503

Enjoy my home tour and the others on the website!

Photographs by Lori Baskin



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