DIY Engineer Print Letter Art

I wanted a piece of art for my mantel that was personalized, modern, and didn’t cost a fortune.  I was keeping my eyes open for inspiration and waiting patiently until I found something that was just right.  Chris loves Julia is one of the blogs I follow religiously and a piece of art in their daughter’s room inspired me.  This is the DIY huge letter art that I found done by Julia and decided to try one of my own.


I started with the frame I had, the 19 3/4 x 27 1/2 Ribba frame from IKEA in white and then knew what size to make my print.  I used Microsoft Publisher because I’m a PC girl and it’s my go to program for creating things.  These are the steps I used to create the Vv in Publisher

  • Click New
  • Click More Blank Page Sizes
  • Click Create new page size
  • Enter Width 28″ (rounded up)
  • Enter Height 20″ (rounded up)
  • Click OK
  • New page size should be highlighted and Click Create
  • Click Insert tab
  • Click Word Art
  • Under Word Art Transform Styles click the first option (blue and white)
  • Edit Word Art Text box appears
  • Use scroll down bar to pick the font- I picked a clean lined font Arial Black other good choices are Helvetica, Franklin Gothic Heavy
  • In Text: box type the letters or words you choose
  • Click OK
  • Click Change Shape drop down option and click the strait line (under Follow Path and first option)
  • Click Shape Fill drop down option and choose main black, lighter 15% which is second from bottom in black column
  • Click Shape Outline drop down option and choose main, black lighter 15% which is second from bottom in black column
  • To enlarge the text box to fit the whole paper, drag right bottom corner with arrow until the cross is at the margin intersection (I stretched my box to the edges even with the paper being a little bigger than the frame because I wanted this look)
  • If needed drag other corners using same method
  • Click File, Save As and choose the appropriate folder
  • Give document a name and save once as Publisher File then repeat steps and save as PDF 

Now that the creating is over you have options for printing.  I was lucky and my husband’s work has a large printer so he was able to print mine at work since it only required black ink.  If you do not have this luxury then you could save the PDF version on a thumb/flash drive and take it to a local or larger printing store (Staples, FedEx) to have them print it.  If you go to a store you could ask for an engineer print and it should cost around $5 is all.

photograph by Lori Baskin

My art is personalized, modern, clean and was easy to make.  It is great when inspiration from others and ideas become real and used in the home.  🙂


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