Creating a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall can be intimidating- Do I use art? Do I use photos? Do I use both? What size? Same frames? Different frames? Do I add unique pieces? How do I know how to place everything?

Phew!  Seems daunting?  It doesn’t have to be.  A gallery wall is a personal way to show your style but it does require patience and thought.Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

The talented Emily Henderson has a detailed guide on how to hang a good gallery wall that helped guide me.  First, Emily said that a good gallery wall is only as good as the art in it.  I transformed this thought (knowing that my gallery wall would not strictly be art) to mean that a good gallery wall is only as good as the pieces in it.  This is where the patience comes in! Do not jump on every art, photo, or decor piece that you think is unique or would look good in your gallery wall.  Hold out for pieces that are perfect!

To help with trying to make good decisions and not over picking I culminated a list of some tips that helped me:

  1. Have an anchor piece that is commanding.  A gallery wall should not be composed of a lot of smaller pieces or it may look messy. Our commanding piece is the cow art.
  2. Think about sizes and orientation.  You need horizontal and vertical along with big and small.  Varying the sizes and orientation keeps the gallery wall unique and eyes moving from one piece to the next.
  3. Vary subjects and medium.  Adding portraits, art, maps, photographs, etc… creates interest and a feeling of a collection.
  4. Choose a color palette.  To create a cohesive feeling it is beneficial to stick with a color palette.  Our color palette in this room and what I used for the gallery wall is wood, white, metallic, and touches of bright colors.

Here are some other examples of gallery walls done to perfection!

Chris Loves Julia
Emily Henderson
Driven by Decor

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