Updating your fireplace

I love a good fireplace in a home – you can decorate it, adds warmth, can center a room, and adds texture.  But, fireplaces can sadly be an eye sore as well!

These were the fireplaces before our updating. (Please excuse the blurry photos as I was probably meeting the painter or contractor with two little ones.  I should also say that the previous owners were very kind to let me in as they were packing up 25+ years in the house).

I immediately loved the large brick fireplace in our family room because it adds texture, supplies extra seating, and centers the room.  And, I knew I would be able to decorate it but first we needed to give it new life.

The fireplace in our front room was not as large of a statement but it would break up the wall, center the room, and be a place to decorate once we made a change with the color.


Let’s start with the larger transformation of the brick fireplace.

18 Spicy Salty Sweet160503

The first, and I must say, easy change was the fireplace screen.  I knew we wanted a cover that was modern, industrial, and would sit on the outside.  I found this Threshold Mission Fireplace Screen and with a little measuring knew it would work.  The price is extremely reasonable and it is sturdy! (I’ve had two of my 21497996clients purchase this item to update their space).

We easily pulled out the gold cover and uncovered a lot of dust- nothing a shop vac couldn’t fix!  Then, all we did was set this in front of the fireplace and DONE!

The harder part in this transformation was the mantel.  Taking off the existing mantel required two people 03 SSS 170727.JPGbut was not difficult to remove.  The difficult part was that I wanted a unique, industrial mantel that was one of a kind.  We chose a mantel made from reclaimed wood and industrial pipes.  You can read more about this process in my Holl and Lane post.

I still have more envisioned for this fireplace- maybe faux wood in the wood cubby, whitewashing the brick (still not sure about this)- but for now the updated fireplace I’m liking!


Now let’s check out the living room fireplace.

49 Spicy Salty Sweet160503.JPG

This transformation was one step- paint.  We went with the Benjamin Moore, ben interior paint and primer, premium eggshell, base white.  We used this paint for all the new baseboards in our home as well.  This paint goes on easily, wipes clean, and ia_pri_0626_197x193is easy to touch up.  I would recommend this paint to anyone.  It did wonders on our fireplace!  To cover the seafoam green and get a nonstreak look it did require 4 coats.  But, the white really pops against the navy.  Again, I do see us doing more to this fireplace in the future- trading out the screen, updating the brick- but for now I love the crispness it brings to the room.

Hopefully these tips help!  Because I know that I sure love a pretty fireplace!


Photographs by Lori Baskin



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