Picking the right seating

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With all the choices for dining chairs and seating that are available it is easy to get lost in all the possibilities.  A helpful tip for narrowing down your choices is to create a list of features you are looking for.  Features such as color, style, weight, size, and material.

As we were picking out chairs for our kitchen I created a list of features that we were looking for:

  • modern
  • clean lines
  • comfortable
  • easy to move
  • kid friendly
  • white, metal, or dark wood

Here are some of the chairs we narrowed it down to:

Shell Chair / Metal Tub Chair / Scoop-back Chair / Wishbone Chair

We ended up picking the Shell Chair from Wayfair for many reasons.  The size of the seat is similar in all four options but the shell chair appeared to offer the most support as it has a s40CBP - Spicy Salty Sweet171103.JPGolid back with the widest point being at the seat.  Also, the walnut legs of the chairs work well with our butcher block counter tops that are made from strips of walnut.  The clean lines and modern look of the chair also fits the style and look we were going for.  The chairs are also very easy to keep clean which makes them kid friendly!  I wipe them down multiple times a day and they clean up nicely.

The chairs work well for kiddos and adults.  My four year old sits in the chairs more than on the benches because she likes having her own seat.  She is able to move the chair on her own but has yet to fall out of it (knock on wood)!  Also, my husband and other adults continuously compliment the comfort of the chairs.

I would highly recommend these chairs as they are comfortable, easy to clean up, sturdy, stylish, and easy on the budget.

When doing a post about dining seating I have to talk about benches.  For a house that has continuous guests or kids a bench option is something to think about.  We squeeze many kids and adults on to our built-in benches.  Having built-in benches may not be an option for you, but there are many options for dining benches available.  Again, I would create a list of features you are looking for in dining seating to help narrow down your search.

Here are some benches that are versitle for many styles and tables.

Wood and Metal bench / Wood bench / Fiberstone bench / Tufted bench

I appreciate having benches that are easy and chairs for adults and kids who like their own space.  Being able to offer both types of seating is something I would recommend for a comfortable and stylish dining space.

Photographs by Lori Baskin


3 thoughts on “Picking the right seating

  1. I love the dark wood legs. They would be perfect for us. An you send me the direct link to the chairs. The link posted sends to the large wayfair page and I want to make sure to get the exact color right. Awesome dinning area! Thanks for sharing this !


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