614 Magazine – Designing with Kids in Mind


I was excited to be part of the 614 Magazine team and compose a narrative in the Make Columbus Great Again Nov 2016 Issue.  My feature was how to design a home that is kid-friendly and pleasing to the adult aesthetic.

My major tips from the piece are:

  • Define your style – write down words that describe the look you are going for (crisp, clean lines, warm, textured, modern, traditional, contemporary, colorful, neutral, pops of color, bohemian, shabby chic, etc…)
  • Pick favorite pieces that exemplify the style you are creating and decorate around these pieces
  • Individualize rooms but stay true to your defined style

01 Spicy Salty Sweet160503.JPG

Here is the full piece:

Styling and setting up a home is a thought process that requires many decisions.  Decisions on how each space will be used, who will be using the space and how to create well styled areas with a cohesive look will help guide the styling process.  Where does one begin?

I began by honing in on the look or style I wanted to create in my home and then personalizing each space.  Defining a style is an important step in the decorating process.  87-spicy-salty-sweet160503Once you define the look and style, the search for items and pieces becomes more focused and easier to complete.  The style I work to create in my home is one that is kid-friendly, comfortable, well thought out, modern, colorful, and crisp with a touch of bohemian textures.  My style is based around feelings.  Feelings of comfort, warmth, and being a cohesively styled space.  My home has plenty of areas for the kids to live and play along with incorporating pieces that have meaning, are useful, add color and texture, add life, and show our personality.

Another strategy I use to style our home is to pick favorite pieces that exemplify the style we are creating and decorate around these pieces.  These key pieces may be rugs, chairs, light fixtures, art, decor, or tables.  When picking out these key pieces, I also keep in mind a personalized color palette for each room.  Color palettes can change from one room to the next or continue into other areas as long as the colors align with the style.

Our kitchen was a complete remodel which gave me the opportunity to create our style with many key pieces.  The key pieces in our kitchen- cabinets, butcher block counter tops, table and seating, and light fixtures- create the modern, crisp, warm, comfortable, and kid-friendly style we wanted to create.  The light fixtures and white cabinets against the grey walls provide the modern and crisp style while the butcher block counter tops add warmth to the space.  37cbp-spicy-salty-sweet171103The table and seating offers a comfortable and kid-friendly space for many people to gather and eat together.  And, I added a touch of bohemian with the pillows. We also set up the kitchen to have plenty of space for sitting, mingling, and cooking in order to provide a comfortable space for our family and guests.


The process for decorating our living room was to follow along with our style but choose a brighter color palette.  The color palette for this space is cool colors- navy, blues, greens, and white- with touches of warm and metallic colors.  The key pieces in this roo2016-09-21-02.08.42-1.jpg.jpgm are the rug, wall color, gallery wall, and coffee table.  The rug adds the modern, comfortable, and bohemian feel to the room along with setting the tone for the color palette.  The navy wall color also helps create a modern feel to the space.  The gallery wall is a statement that pulls the color palette together and creates a comfortable feel in the room.  The gallery wall is composed of family photos, kid focused art, paintings, and decor pieces.  All these pieces align with our defined style.  The coffee table is a family made piece that adds warmth, meaning, and a bohemian feel as the live edge wood is an unexpected pairing with the furniture in the room.

We personalized the decorating of our family room by following the style of the rest of the home while adding some industrial elements in the space.  The key pieces in the family room are the rug, chair, industrial pipes, and play area.  I chose the rug as it adds a comfortable, colorful, and bohemian style to the room while focusing the color palette of the room.  The leather chair in the room adds a modern touch with the benefit of being comfortable and kid-friendly.  A portion of the family room is a play area that provides our kids with a space to color, build, tumble, read, and call their own.  The benefit of having a designated play space in the family room is that the kids get to enjoy themselves while being close by.  The industrial floating shelves in the play area connect with the industrial mantel and entertainment stand which creates a cohesive feeling through the whole space.18-spicy-salty-sweet160503

65 Spicy Salty Sweet160503.JPG

Our home speaks about our style and how we live.  My goal was to create a home that was aesthitcally pleasing while being comfortable to live in.  I stayed true to our defined style while focusing on functionality and a cohesive design.

Photographs by Lori Baskin


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