Suenito Pillow Covers


Look how fun these pillows are!  They are colorful, one of a kind, and uniquely drawn with the intent to bring a smile to your face and your space.  The pillows are created by JC Yu and Julie Lin of Suenito.  You can read more about them and see the items at their online shop.

2016-12-07 01.52.23 1.jpg

2016-12-07 01.55.42 1 (1).jpg

Here is the sun/moon pillow in the play area of my family room.  I love the thickness of the 50% cotton, 50% canvas fabric.  The design is crisp, colorful, and playful which makes it a perfect addition to many rooms in a home.  And, check this out- the pillows are a double sided print.  There is a design on each side which is unique for many pillow covers.  owl_twoa_largedonuts_2a_largesun_moon_2a_largerabbit_2a_large

The pillow covers are standard 18″x 18″ with a hidden zipper.  I used a 20″x 20″ down insert for a full look.  I purchased mine from Crate & Barrel and it fits perfectly.  You would think to buy an insert the same size as the pillow cover, but that is not the case.  I go with an insert that is 1″-2″ larger for a plump look.

This pillow will move around the house from play area to couch to kids’ rooms.  And, whichever place we find it I know that I will smile when I see it.

For more information on this play space check out the Shop our Home tab – Family Room.


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