Coffee Table Styling

Coffee tables are pieces of furniture that are useful but can be difficult to style.  But, styling your coffee table can update you room in a matter of minutes.  I pulled together some tips to help you style your coffee table and update your room.


1.  MIX METALS AND COLORS – Add contrast to your coffee table

If you have a wood coffee table add metallics or metals.  A warm or dark table should be accented with crisp, brighter colors such as white.  On the flip side, for a white or light colored coffee table add warmth or pops of color.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


Many coffee tables are hard surfaces and need some texture to distract from the harshness.  Add texture with coasters and decorative pieces to provide warmth and a change.

55 Spicy Salty Sweet160503.JPG

3.  HEIGHT –

For items to get noticed heights need to vary.  If all items on your coffee table are the same height they blend in, so change it up!   A stack of books or decor piece can serve as talking points and add height to your table.


As you consider mixing metals, adding texture, and varying heights also keep in mind that shapes and sizes should vary.  For a square or rectangle shaped table pick circular or odd shaped pieces and for a circular table add some rectangular shapes.


For interest add a unique item to your table.  Some examples: an antler, beads, geometric objects, wood cubes, or geode

Antler / Geode / Porcelain Star / Geometric Shapes / Casa Beads / Wood Cube


6.  GREENERY – Saved the best for last!

Add life and color to your table with plants or flowers.  You can go with seasonal flowers/plants or a low-maintenance plant such as a succulent or air plant.

These tips also work well for side or end tables.  Give your room that fresh update by styling your tables!  Have fun!

 Round Metal Coffee Table / Gold Tray

most photographs by Lori Baskin


One thought on “Coffee Table Styling

  1. Please tell me where this rug is from?! I have a 2 year old and 4 year old so I currently cannot have a coffee table. But when I did have one, I used books and a few glass pieces. I love what you have done though! I may get a tray to lay on my guest bed…


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