Adding Greenery

Did you know that the Pantone Color of the year 2017 is GREENERY.  And, I couldn’t agree more!  Pantone says it perfectly, “Greenery is nature’s neutral.”  Greenery can be used anywhere with any other color and looks amazing.  Greenery is refreshing and symbolizes life and new beginning.pantone-greenery

Now let’s talk home decor!  Greenery is a perfect addition to any home.  In a home greenery adds life, color, texture, and beauty.  Greenery gives a home a little extra something special that has guests noticing your decor and commenting.

A year ago I did not have one plant in my house.  Okay that’s a lie- I maybe had three faux ones.  Now I can’t imagine my home without plants- faux and real.  Recently, I’ve had a lot of my friends and clients asking about plants and wanting recommendations for house plants.  Often purchasing a plant can be stepping out of your comfort zone, so I collected a list of go to plants and what you need to get started.

 Here are some tips for adding greenery to your space.

What plants are good for your home?

  1. Philodendron – Are inexpensive, easy to care for, and grow long decorative vines which makes them pretty on shelves and bookcases.  They require low maintance with simple watering and like most indoor light conditions. philodendron
  2. Snake Plant – A plant that goes in a pot and looks good next to furniture or in a corner.  This is the most tolerant plant I’ve ever had.  It always looks fresh and requires minimal watering and can survive in low light areas.Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
  3. Fiddle Leaf Fig – This indoor tree produces lovely, hearty leaves that are dark green in color.  It is one of the more expensive indoor plants but in my opinion worth every penny.  This plant likes to be watered when only the top layer of soil is dry.  It also prefers bright, indirect light.fiddle_leaf_fig-tall-houseplants
  4. Golden Pathos – This plant grows easily in low sunlight with leaves growing down in cascading vines which makes them perfect for hanging or on shelves.54SSS170124[1].JPG
  5. Palm – There are many different types of palms but they all make you think of warm, tropical weather.  They can grow tall and flare out (if in a larger pot) and can be a dramatic statement in a room.  Prefers a bright room without direct sunlight and wait for the top layer of soil to dry before watering.areca-palm-2
  6. Succulents – There are many, many succulents to choose from and they are a very popular house plant.  The reason they are so popular is because they are inexpensive, easy to find, easy to care for, and can be displayed in many ways.succulent.JPG
  7. Zamioculcas – The ZZ plant is a perfect fit for someone who forgets to water or move their plants.  It actually likes low light and does not like to sit in wet soil.young Zamioculcas a potted plant isolated over white
  8. White Bird of Paradise- It’s large banana like leaves make this a popular choice.  It also prefers soil on the somewhat dry side and can withstand varieties of sunlight.birdofparadisewhite-ot2107-1
  9. Norfolk Island Pine- This plant needs ample light and is fast growing.  It adds a cozy, warm feel to a space.norfolk-island-pine-tree
  10.  Croton- In a bright spot this plant will show beautiful colors of gold, pink, orange and purple.  This plant is another inexpensive choice but is not for the family that has pets as the leaves are poisonous if chewed.Croton.jpg

Now that you have a list of plants to look for- What do you need to get started?

  1. Potting Soil – Of course the plant you buy comes with soil but trust me you will need more.e675edf1-d0d2-4889-b246-77fc4ce297c1_1000.jpg
  2. Containers for plants – This step is where you can be creative!  You can put your plants in pots, baskets, cups, crates, etc… This can be a two-step process at times.  For larger plants, I tend to buy plastic, cheaper pots and then place the plastic pot into a decorative basket.
    For plants th38 Spicy Salty Sweet160503.JPGat will go on shelves or tables or
    if you don’t want to use a basket, buy a decorative pot that you like.  If you pick a pot that has holes in it for water drainage you will need a tray or bottom to the pot.  I would recommend a drainage pot and tray for larger plants as you do not want the bottom of your pot and soil to get moldy or full of bacteria from water sitting.
  3. Watering Can – Unless you want to take every pot to the sink to water a watering can is an easy way to keep up with the watering process.
  4. Read – Every plant needs care and every plant has slightly different needs.  It is important to know what your plant needs in regards to water, light, and soil in order to keep your plant alive.  This can be as easy as reading the care directions on the plant’s tag or Googling the plant’s name and care tips.

I hope you are now inspired to go get yourself a plant and add Greenery to your home.  You will be so glad you did!

For you locals in Columbus here are some plant shops you can check out:

  1. Oakland Nurseries
  2. Strader’s Garden Centers
  3. Home Depot
  4. Stump


Some photographs by Lori Baskin


One thought on “Adding Greenery

  1. Love this! It reminds me of my wedding. We didn’t have a color or theme for our wedding. We just used white flowers and lots of greenery! Your Instagram always makes me want to buy plants but I have not even been able to keep succulents alive!! Maybe if I follow some of these tips…


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