Style Mutt Home Feature

I was incredibly honored to be featured on the Style Mutt Blog for their Reader Design Friday Features.  The blog is full of beautifully styled homes that are all unique.  To have our home be part of such an amazing collection brings a smile to my face!

The company has very intently defined their brand so I must share the meaning behind the name.

style·muttnoun an affectionate nickname for those who cannot attribute their design sensibilities to one “breed.”  An individual who enjoys an eclectic mix and appreciates various decor styles.

I would classify myself in the “style mutt” group for my style is not simple but composed of many styles.


Here are some excerpts from my posts:

“I am not able to describe my style simply perhaps because it is not simple. I would describe my style as modern, colorful, crisp, comfortable, and kid-friendly with touches of bohemian. All those words don’t seem like they would mesh, but that is exactly what our home has become. I’ve created this style based around feelings. I adore a space that is well thought-out and styled but comfortable to be in. I want my family and guests to feel this in my home. ”


“In my living room, I could not live without either my live-edge coffee table or geometric rug. I love the meaning behind my coffee table, as my father-in-law made it for us, and the warm feeling it brings to the space. And the multi-colored geometric rug just encompasses my style to a tee!”


“I do get a lot of inspiration from trends but will find myself always asking “I do get a lot of inspiration from trends but will find myself always asking these questions: ‘Will I love this in 5 years?’ and ‘Does this fit my style?’

I try to look at all design inspiration as an option, but I have learned what to weed out based on what works and does not work with my style. A trend that I have fallen for in the last year is greenery. I am a new plant lover and appreciate the life, texture, and color plants add to our home.”

To view the whole feature check out Style Mutt Blog.

Photographs by Lori Baskin


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