Tips for Picking Affordable Rugs

The beauty of adding rugs to a space is that a rug can set the color palette and style of a room.  But, you don’t have to spend $$$$ on a rug to get a quality rug that adds style.  A rug can take a neutral room from bland to wow!  Or a rug can help blend styles to create an eclectic space.

Our entire house has wood floors so we have rugs in every room.  Which means, I have done some rug searching in my days and have tips that have helped us.

2017-05-26 07.19.10 1.jpg
wool rug

Tips for Picking Rugs:

  1.  Material – To me, looking at the material is the most important tip for picking a rug.  A natural material such as wool, jute, or cotton will hold up for years longer than a man-made synthetic material such as polypropylene or polyester.  Especially in high traffic areas, a synthetic material will become worn quickly and show every imperfection.  There are many rugs that I have loved the design but after looking at the material did not purchase.

    2017-06-15 05.53.29 1.jpg
    wool rug layered over jute rug
  2.  Color – As I mentioned, a rug can set the color palette and style of a room.  A rug is one of the largest if not the largest piece of furniture you will place in a room so picking the right color is important.  For a room that already has pops of color or a lot of decor, an understated print or natural tone is the best choice.  If you are picking the rug first or if you are needing to add color, pick a bolder print or colored rug.

    wool rug
  3.  Texture – The texture of a rug is just as important as picking the material or color.  Your current furniture can guide you but keep in mind contrasting textures.  If you have leather furniture, adding a jute or shag rug would be a nice contrast.  If you have an over-sized couch, adding a flat woven wool rug would be a nice contrast. 
    flat woven wool rug
  4.  Size – Picking the size of a rug is never something I guess on.  I always measure!  A rug that is too small for a space can make furniture placement difficult and make it hard to decorate.  A simple rule for picking the correct size rug is to measure the seating area.  A rug should cover the seating area with all legs of furniture on the rug or all front legs.  The seating area may not be the size of the entire room if your room is large but that’s why measuring is a must.
    9×12 wool rug
    Another tip for adding additional style to your space with rugs is layering.  I move my faux sheepskin rugs (like this one from IKEA) all around my house to layer and add texture.  I also move my felt ball rug from Sukhi around the house because it is lovely to sit and walk on.  This is an inexpensive way to add little details to rooms.

    As of right now the area rugs in our home come from West Elm or Rugs USA.  I linked the rugs that are still available.  Some other great online sources for inexpensive rugs are Wayfair, World Market, TJMaxx.

    family room reese sloan 2 sloan   felt.pngkitchen


Moroccan Diamond Ivory  / Moroccan Diamond Multi / Jute Rug

Diamond Trellis / Felt Ball Rug / Wool Kilim Rug


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