Little Miss’ Room Update

Updated: November 2018

Reese has transitioned to a “big girl” bed which she loves to sleep in and, well, I love the look of!  So, I must give you the details on the bed.reese room 2

reese room

Bed: The Novogratz Bright Pop Metal Bed, twin, white

Bedding: Emmie Ruta duvet cover from IKEA, twin, light pink and white

And just because I like them so much- Wall Decals:  Twelve9 Printing, Irregular Polka Dots in white (size – 450)

My youngest daughter, Reese, has the pleasure of receiving all the hand-me-downs from her older sister.  This includes clothes, furniture, and bedroom decor.  It took me two years but I decided it was time for Reese to have a bedroom update.  About time, right?!  This room update required no major changes, but the changes that were made resulted in a drastic change of the space.  We are really happy with the results!

I got the itch to update her room from seeing all the One Room ChallengeTM  participants perform their magic.  If you have not followed this event of design bloggers transforming a space in 6 weeks you should!  The biannual events are in April and October.

Back to Reese’s room, let’s start with the BEFORE pictures.  No judgement please!  Then I’ll walk you through the process and sources.IMG_20170418_122308997_HDRIMG_20170418_122338869IMG_20170418_122630615

First, let me tell you what items stayed the same in the room.

To start the process, I put a mood board together to help put my thoughts into an image.  This is a helpful step!  I create electronic mood boards for many of my clients in order to show them how pieces will work together.  The goal for Reese’s room was to create a space that was welcoming, a bit girly, and full of texture.  The color palette was based off the rug – blush, pink, light teal, tan.

OB-Reese Room.jpg

Here is the AFTER!  With aesthetic changes only we took Reese’s room from blah to welcoming and feminine with layers of textures.JAN_0758

The rug is from Rugs USA and is even more beautiful in person than I had hoped.  You can read more about tips for selecting rugs hereJAN_0590

The mudcloth pillow from Heddle and Lamm is a 20″x20″ with a 21″ insert.  The quality of this pillow cover is outstanding!


The bead garland, rope bowl, and narwhal plush pillow is from the children’s online boutique Peach Stream.  This boutique has unique, one of a kind pieces that will add character to any space.  Perfect for gifts, too!  Check out their website and receive 15% off with the code #SPICYSALTYSWEET until the end of August 2017.  JAN_0459

I was lucky to find this pink moroccan pouf at Nordstrom Rack.  There is a benefit to shopping regularly- you often get lucky!


The sleepy cloud is from Pink Linen Designs.  This shop creates whimsical and unique hand drawn pieces sure to bring a smile to your face.  Their pennants are a favorite of mine!

The macrame plant holder is from West Wall.  This is my first hanging plant holder and now I want them every where!  I love the texture, life, and height it brings to a vacant space.

Here is a list of what all is new in the room.


The Letter Light Box by Brite Lite Tribe has already moved around our house.  It is a great addition to any party and helps celebrate the little moments with words.


The Stay Wild banner by Lovely Grain Studio was a must have once I decided they style and vision for the room.  The wood, texture, and wording fits perfectly!


The Needle Felting Desert Rose Cactus Kit by Benzie Design is one of my favorite details in the space.  I got to make this delicate piece and now use it as decor- winning!  I have to mention that their website is AMAZING and full of other craft creations for the crafty ones at heart.


The Macrame Wall Hanging made by Sarah Harste is the statement piece for the room.  It adds the texture and uniqueness I was looking for.  Sarah is a very talented lady who makes much more than macrame pieces – you need to check her out!


A final touch that we just completed was adding wall decals from Twelve9 Printing which is a local company here in Ohio.  I chose the Irregular Polka Dots in white (size – 450).  We had enough to do this wall in Reese’s room and a wall in Sloan’s room (her dots are more spread out since her wall is larger and we had less than half left).  These wall decals were super simple to adhere, look incredible, and make such a statement.


We are all loving Reese’s room and it’s nice to see how some small changes can make such a big impact.


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