Ceiling Fans You Will Love

What are you thoughts on ceiling fans?  Love them?  Hate them?  Want them?  Need them?  In many circumstances, ceiling fans are considered a need in order to create a comfortable temperature or to circulate air in a room.

No matter how you feel about ceiling fans, I do know that you have seen many ceiling fans that are eye sores. fan.png Ones that are not hidden but stick out and do no favors for the room.  I’m here to show you some ceiling fans that you will LOVE to put in your home.

Our home had no ceiling fans when we purchased it 2.5 years ago.  Hunter logoI’m happy to say that we now have two beautiful ceiling fans by the Hunter Fan Company (one in our master bedroom and one in our son’s bedroom).  These fans were a need as both of these rooms are east facing and are the warmest two rooms in our house.

When it comes to picking a ceiling fan for a room there are two factors that should be considered.  Do you want a ceiling fan that is a centerpiece in a room or one that is minimal and almost unseen?  A centerpiece ceiling fan focuses the room, is a stylish piece that eyes migrate towards, and helps define the style of the space.  A minimal ceiling fan is not very noticeable but when noticed it flows nicely with the room.

Cranbrook in matte black
Processed with VSCO with  preset
Dempsey in white

Hunter logo

I found a company, Hunter, that has a wide variety of ceiling fans to love.  The Hunter Fan Company is named after John Hunter the pioneer of ceiling fans.    What I immediately loved about Hunter was that they provide a wide variety of fan choices which makes finding the perfect fan easy.  They have industrial, traditional, modern, and colorful ceiling fan choices.  Styles for all room and home types.  I pulled together a few of my favorite Hunter ceiling fans.  I picked some options in white, bronze, matte black, brass, and a fun mint.  The Cranbrook in mint is my favorite!  It is vintage and modern with a mid-century shape.

Anslee Low Profile in white  //  Seahaven in bronze

Ronan in matte black  //  Hepburn in bronze

Symphony in white  //  Cranbrook in mint


As I thought about the two rooms where we would be installing ceiling fans, I thought about whether I wanted a centerpiece fan or a minimalist fan.  I picked both!  In our master bedroom I picked the Low Profile Cranbrook in gloss black finish which is a centerpiece choice.  It adds style to our room and catches your eye as you walk in.

In our son’s room we went with a minimalist option and picked the Low Profile Dempsey in white.  The white finish goes nicely with the other white furniture in the room and since the ceiling is white the fan has a minimal appearance.  If you are looking for a minimalist ceiling fan then look at white fans.  A white fan on a white ceiling almost disappears!

Processed with VSCO with  preset
Dempsey in white

You may have noticed that all my ceiling fan options have lights and that is because most rooms need extra lighting (at least in my house we do!).   If you need strictly a ceiling fan and no light than you can still stick with these tips to help you pick one for your room.

Are you feeling better about ceiling fans?  I hope so!

Check out The  Hunter Fan Company for many choices in ceiling fans.


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